Gedcom Publisher News #007


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Gedcom Publisher Version 1.06 Released

This release includes several enhancements.

There are new options for adding people to chapters:

  • Several Chapter People items now support an option to include a list of people prior to the first person entry. The list will automatically include the right people and may be sorted in the same sequence as the people appear in the chapter or in a different sequence.
  • The new Chapter People - Descendants item is a Chapter People item where people are included via a generation number and organized in family groups. This makes it easy to create chapters where descendants of a given progenitor are organized by generation and family.
  • The new Chapter People - Picked item is a Chapter People item where people are chosen by ID number or via the Picklist. This item is convenient when you want to select several people and use the optional list of people capability.

Version 1.06 also includes the new Descendant Lineage Person Entry Item. It adds a lineage path to the person entry, where the path may be ancestor names or a genealogical number in one of several formats.

Lastly, this release includes a new Names.Pronoun Substitution property to control pronoun substitution.

See the Change Log for other minor chnages.

Terminology: Chapter People

In prior versions of Gedcom Publisher, "Chapter People" referred to a specific User Item that is now named Chapter People - Filtered. As of this version, "Chapter People" is a general term that refers to several User Items that add one or more people to a chapter. The program and the help pages have been updated to use the new terminoology. General information about Chapter People User Items is available on the new Chapter People page.

How to Download

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To use the current version, you need a license for Gedcom Publisher 2.

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