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Several User Items add person entries to a page. Collectively, they are called Chapter People items. These items allow you to organize person entries, splitting them into one or more chapters and placing them in the sequence you prefer.

When help pages refer to a Chapter People item, the information applies to any of these User Items:

Chapter People - Ancestors
Adds person entries to a chapter for people who are ancestors of a subject.
Chapter People - Descendants
Adds person entries to a chapter for people who are descendants from a progenitor.
Chapter People - Filtered
Adds person entries to a chapter for people who pass a Person Filter.
Chapter People - Picked
Adds person entries to a chapter for multiple people selected by ID number or the Picklist.
Chapter Person
Adds a person entry to a chapter for a single person selected by an ID number or the Picklist.

You may add as many Chapter People items to a chapter as you wish. You may add Chapter People items to multiple chapters, and you may use one or all of the item types from the above list.

A person can have only one person entry in the book. When processing Chapter People items, Gedcom Publisher will ignore everyone already selected by a previous Chapter People item. All Chapter Person items are evaluated first, then the remaining Chapter People items are evaluated in Chapter order. That means a Chapter Person item has a higher priority for selecting a specific person than any other Chapter People item.

When adding people to a chapter, Gedcom Publisher uses the items in the Person Entry section to create person entries.

Embedded List of People

Several Chapter People items include an optional Embedded List of People option. The output is the same as the List of People item, but the contents are restricted to the people selected by the Chapter People item. The list is rendered before the person entry for the first person in the output. The list is intended as a directory of the ensuing people.

The bult-in list capability is more convenient to use than a separate List of People item because the embedded list will automatically include the correct people without re-specifying a filter and it provides an option to sort the list in the same sequence as the person entries.