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The Tag Types window shows a list of Tag Types defined in one of two places:

  1. If you open the window via Utilities > Edit Tag Types > All Datafiles, the window shows Tag Types in a file under the Documents\Gedcom Publisher\Languages folder. Tag Types defined in this file will apply to any GEDCOM file processed by Gedcom Publisher.
  2. If you open the window via Utilities > Edit Tag Types > Current Datafile Folder, the window shows Tag Types in a file located in the same folder as the current GEDCOM file. Tag Types defined in this file will apply to any GEDCOM file in that folder.

Each Tag Type has a Label and a Name. The Label may vary by language, but the Name does not. The text shown for each item in the list is the Label, and the Label may also appear in the generated book. The Name is used as an identifier, and it is used only within Gedcom Publisher.

Each item in the list includes a checkbox. A checked item is "enabled", an unchecked item is "disabled". A disabled item is ignored when Gedcom Publisher is making the book.

The icons beneath the list follow the same rules as other lists in Gedcom Publisher. Use the plus icon to add an item, use the pencil icon to edit an item, etc. The sequence of Tag Type items does not affect the Gedcom Publisher output; put the items in the sequence you prefer. New items are added at the end.

Tag Type files are XML files. They are language-specific and have the culture code in the filename. So, for example, the culture code for English (U.S.) is "en-us", and a Tag Type definition file for English (U.S.) is named "en-us-tag-types.xml".

Predefined Tag Types

When you open the Tag Types window, Gedcom Publisher includes predefined tag types in the list. If you edit a predefined Tag TypeNote 1, Gedcom Publisher will save the item as a customized item. This makes it convenient to override predefined Tag Types.

Tag Types you have changed are shown in bold in the list of Tag Types.

If you delete a predefined Tag Type, the item will be removed from the list. However, the predefined item is not removed from Gedcom Publisher, it is only removed from whichever Tag Type file you are editing. If you have customized a predefined Tag Type and you want to reset it to the original values as supplied with the Gedcom Publisher program, delete it from the list. When you re-open the list, the original predefined item will be included.

GEDCOM Event Tags and Gedcom Publisher Tag Type Names

When Gedcom Publisher processes GEDCOM tags that create events, it assigns the Tag Type Name and Group according to the following table.

Tag Type Group Tag Type Name
BAPM Baptism Baptism
CHR Baptism Christening
BIRT Birth Birth
BURI Burial Burial
CREM Burial Cremation
DEAT Death Death
ANUL Divorce Annulment
DIV Divorce Divorce
DIVF Divorce Divorce Filed
ENGA Marriage Engagement
SLGS Marriage LDS Spouse Sealing
MARR Marriage Marriage
MARB Marriage Marriage Bann
MARC Marriage Marriage Contract
MARL Marriage Marriage License
MARS Marriage Marriage Settlement
ADOP Other Adoption
CHRA Other Adult Christening
BARM Other Bar Mitzvah
BASM Other Bas Mitzvah
BLES Other Blessing
CAST Other Caste
CAUS Other Cause of Death
CENS Other Census
NCHI Other Children
CONF Other Confirmation
DSCR Other Description
EDUC Other Education
EMAIL Other Email
EMAI Other Email
EMIG Other Emigration
EVEN Other Event
FACT Other Fact
FAX Other Fax
FCOM Other First Communion
GRAD Other Graduation
IDNO Other ID Number
IMMI Other Immigration
BAPL Other LDS Baptism
SLGC Other LDS Child Sealing
CONL Other LDS Confirmation
ENDL Other LDS Endowment
WAC Other LDS Initiation
NMR Other Marriages
NATI Other National Origin
NATU Other Naturalization
NOTE Other Note
OCCU Other Occupation
ORDN Other Ordination
PROP Other Possessions
PROB Other Probate
REFN Other Reference Number
RELI Other Religious Affiliation
RESI Other Residence
RETI Other Retirement
PHON Other Telephone
TITL Other Title
WWW Other Web Site
WILL Other Will

So, for example, these GEDCOM records will create a "Birth" event tag in Gedcom Publisher:

 2 DATE 17 FEB 1927

The GEDCOM file may include an additional TYPE record to specify the Tag Type Name:

 2 TYPE Alt-Birth
 2 DATE 18 FEB 1927

The TYPE record is typically used with custom event types created by the user.

The Tag Type Group is implied by the GEDCOM tag and cannot be changed via the GEDCOM Type parameter.


  1. If you open an item, and press [OK] without making any changes, the item is considered changed and it will be saved as a customized item.