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GEDCOM files are difficult to process because the various programs that write GEDCOM files do not follow all the same rules. To compensate for that, Gedcom Publisher includes a configurable component that detects which program wrote the GEDCOM file and adjusts itself to that program's rules and conventions. Internally, Gedcom Publisher processes a standard form of the genealogy data so it can (mostly) ignore the source of the data when making a book.

Gedcom Publisher's GEDCOM reader has many general-purpose processing options. A mix of general-purpose and application-specific configuration options associate processing rules with GEDCOM sequences. That means, for example, shared logic may be applied to GEDCOM files from different applications.


For information about how Gedcom Publisher processes GEDCOM files written by certain applications, click one of the links below.

If your application is not listed below, that does not mean that Gedcom Publisher will not process your GEDCOM file. It only means that notable, application-specific rules have not been added for it. Gedcom Publisher will produce a web site from any valid GEDCOM 5.5 or 5.5.1 file.