Prices and policies mentioned on this page were current when the page was published. Prices and policies are subject to change. See the Gedcom Publisher home page for current version and price information.

Current Version

The current version of Gedcom Publisher is 1.09. To use it, you need a license for Gedcom Publisher 1.

Gedcom Publisher is available via download only. See the Downloads page.

How to Buy a License

You may purchase a license for the full version of Gedcom Publisher 1 for $25 USD.

Licenses Are for Major Versions

Gedcom Publisher licenses are associated with the major version number of the program. So, for example, a license for Gedcom Publisher 1 is valid for any version of Gedcom Publisher 1.

There are usually several upgrades to a major version that are free for users who have a license for that major version.

License for: Works with:
Gedcom Publisher 1 v1.00 through v1.09
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