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The Edit menu includes commands related to editing properties.

Undo (Ctl+Z)

Reverses the last change to a text property.

Cut (Ctl+X)

Copies the selected text into the clipboard and deletes it from the current property.

Copy (Ctl+C)

Copies the selected text into the clipboard. If the current user interface control is a pull-down menu, Gedcom Publisher will copy the selected item text.

Paste (Ctl+V)

Pastes text from the clipboard into the current text property at the insertion point.

Copy / Paste User Items

You can use the Copy and Paste commands to copy User Items from one Gedcom Publisher file to another.


Select an item in the User Items list and use the Copy command to place it on the clipboard.


If necessary, switch to another Gedcom Publisher file and open the User Items section. Select an existing item and then use the Paste command to insert a copy of the original User Item as a peer of the currently selected item.

Gedcom Publisher will ignore attempts to paste User Items that were copied to the clipboard from a different version of Gedcom Publisher. Gedcom Publisher will also ignore attempts to paste certain types of User Items, including many Items in the Person Entry list, because Gedcom Publisher allows only one instance of those User Item types.

For Image User Items, if you copy/paste the User Item from one Gedcom Publisher file to another, it is your responsibility to copy the files associated with the User Item(s) being copied. Gedcom Publisher stores those file(s) in the Input (-i) folder. Make a copy of the file or files in the same location under the Input (-i) folder of the destination Gedcom Publisher file.

Open Editor... (F7)

Opens an editor for the currently selected property or item.

For items in lists, such as User Items or Person Entry items, the Open Editor... command opens the Edit window for the item.

For text properties, opens the Text Editor.

For text properties that accept HTML values, opens the HTML Editor.

Restore Default Value

For property value controls, resets the value of the property to the default value.

Copy / Paste User Style

The Edit Menu in the User Style window includes the Copy User Style and Paste User Style commands.

Copy User Style

The Copy User Style command copies the current selectors and parameters to the clipboard. The command skips selector/parameter pairs unless they have both a selector value and a parameters value. You can then paste the User Style into a different Gedcom Publisher file, or into any text context, such as a text file or an email message.

The text on the clipboard will be in this format:

selector value
parameters-1: parameters value
selector-2: selector value
parameters-2: parameters value

Paste User Style

With text in the format above on the clipboard, choose the Paste User Style command to add the selector / parameters pairs to the current User Style.

The Paste User Style command will renumber the selectors and parameters and assign them to pairs of properties where the selector is unused. So, for example, if there are two pairs on the clipboard, and selector-3 and selector-5 are unused, the first pair will be assigned to selector-3/parameters-3 and the second pair will be assigned to selector-5/parameters-5.

You can copy text from any text source and if the text is in the format described above, Gedcom Publisher will treat it as a User Style. So, for example, if you see a User Style in an email message, you can copy and paste it into your Gedcom Publisher file with one copy and one paste rather than copying each selector value and each parameters value separately.