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KindleGen is Amazon's officially supported program for converting files to the Kindle format. You should use the KindleGen application and create a .mobi file to submit to Amazon if you choose that distribution method.

If you have KindleGen installed on your computer, Gedcom Publisher will attempt to find it and add it to the File > Convert Book submenu. If you have installed KindleGen in a location that Gedcom Publisher does not search, add KindleGen as a Converter tool as described on the Tools page. The locations that Gedcom Publisher searches are listed below.

If you do not have KindleGen, you may download it from Amazon.


KindleGen is a command-line program and its installer is a simple ZIP file. After downloading the zip file from Amazon, you must unzip the file and copy the kindlegen.exe file it contains to the folder of your choice. For best results with Gedcom Publisher, copy the kindlegen.exe file to one of the following locations.

Use this location if you are using a 64-bit version of Windows:

c:\Program Files (x86)\KindleGen\kindlegen.exe

Use this location if you are using a 32-bit version of Windows:

c:\Program Files\KindleGen\kindlegen.exe

Use this location if you do not want to modify any folders under c:\Program Files (x86) or c:\Program Files:


If you install KindleGen to some other location, you will have to add a converter as described on the Tools page.


Use the KindleGen command in the File > Convert Book submenu to run the KindleGen program. When it completes, there will be a .mobi file in the same folder as the .gpfile for the current book. The file will have the same name as the .gpfile.

You may upload the .mobi file to any online publisher that accepts MOBI files, including Amazon.com. If a publisher other than Amazon accepts both EPUB files and MOBI files, I recommend that you submit the .epub file created by Gedcom Publisher and skip the KindleGen step. MOBI files are less capable than EPUB files.